Monday, December 28, 2009

The Glorious Mysteries

1. The Resurrection
- The sorrows and humility of this life are over. Now glory!
- You knew you could do this. The guards knew it too.
- You are God, my God. I worship you; I want you.
- Why do I doubt You can do anything? Why do I still worry?
- The world is Yours, even moving mountains. Even loving me.
- The Father loved You that much. Help me to hear Him.
- Hail Mary, pray for us. That we might be raised.
- Help me to always trust in Your Word.
- Help me to glorify You in my life.

2. The Ascension
- Our Father, hallowed be Thy Name.
- On earth as it is in heaven. Everywhere.
- You go to make a place for me; I stay in Your place here.
- Going, but staying. With me always. With me in this Eucharist.
- I am never alone for you are one with me.
- A love I feel; I need not see to believe.
- I will see Him again. He waits. For me!
- Now and at the hour of our death; no more sorrows, no more pain.
- I hear the birds singing. I hear the waiting choirs.
- My Jesus, I trust in You.

3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
- I will be with you always, even to the end.
- Lord, I need you with me; by myself I am so weak.
- Whatsoever you ask … Lord, hear my prayer.
- Spirit of Wisdom, guide me.
- Love come to me, that I might be love to others
- When I call, but especially when I do not, Lord be with me.
- Lord, You know that I love You.
- Yea though I walk through the valley … I shall not fear for you are with me.
- Holy Spirit, I yearn for union with you, the Father, and the Son.
- My Jesus, Who so loved me, Who I so love, I trust in You.

4. The Assumption
- Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, and now you with Him.
- You are the first to be eternally raised by Him, but not the last.
- You prepared a place for me; she prays I might take it.
- No greater love than to give life, and eternal Justice for Life to return that love.
- Jesus to Mary; Mary to Jesus. God to me; me to God.
- Honor thy Father and thy mother, that you might have eternal life.
- My child, you know I love you; words from my mother. I will never forget.
- Lord, help me to love You more.
- Lord, let me love others as my children, as You would.
- My Jesus, I trust in You.

5. The Coronation of Mary
- It is right for a mother to always love her child. Always.
- Time forgets those buried, but a child never forgets his mother.
- Even in heaven, my mother will not forget me.
- Creator-created. No other love compares.
- “Be as little children”, always cry to mother for help.
- Mary knows a child’s needs; if I honor her, she won’t forget me in my needs.
- I sometimes wonder how God can forgive me, but I know my mother does.
- O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
- My Jesus, how glorious is Your love for us.
- I look forward to praising You forever.


  1. At last I'm checking our your Rosary meditation: This one first.
    It's beautiful. I copied it into my Word Documents. Thank you for sharing your meditations.

  2. Maryellen, you as well as I know, if they really are an aid to opening a channel of communication between you and God, then they are not my meditations to give. I'm just passing on what I received.