Saturday, January 16, 2010


Tonight as I prayed my rosary for an end to abortion, I thought about some recent studies about autism, and I saw they link between my prayers and thoughts. Abortion ends a life forever; autism takes some significant portion of a life, forever. Abortion is perceived by some as necessary, a “greater good”, a necessary protection of self. It’s why it is considered a medical “cure” for a “problem”. And so what of the “problem” of autism?

Recent studies show autism now affects 1-in-100 children. Many scientists believe certain children have a “pre-disposition” to autism, and it occurs when a certain trigger occurs. Find the triggers and stop them, and you stop autism. But what if the triggers are “onerous”, or “politically incorrect?” Some triggers are thought to be childhood shots, others excessive watching of television, and others electronic waves themselves. If proven, would we stop shots? Outlaw television? Reduce electronic devices in the home? I suspect no one even wants to find those causes, much less act on them. Perhaps that’s why there are so few studies being done on autism. Perhaps our society would rather find the “predisposition” gene, so we can do yet another pregnancy test to give a new mother yet another reason to opt for abortion – rather than take a 1-in-100 chance of an autistic child.

It kind of reminds me of sin. We proceed with something we just “have to do” to give us a short-term pleasure or avoid some of the normal pains of life. And sometimes in the process another life is ruined – or taken. What we fail to realize is that with sin or abortion, the real life being taken is ours. Our recognition of the love deserved by each and every life, young or old, is being destroyed. Sin, particularly abortion, reduces our ability to love – taking away OUR reason for being.

I think for the time being I’ll begin saying my rosaries for an end to abortion AND an end to autism. As usual, I leave it up to God to decide the best way to answer my prayers. In Him I trust.

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