Thursday, March 17, 2011

You Must Become As Little Children ...

Orig: 3/07/09

We usually hear those words and think of the innocence of children, and reflect on our need to trust, as they do. And certainly trust in God – and growth in humility – are part of the intended message. I think perhaps, however, that there is another, important message which can be read into that command.

Childhood is a time of learning. For many of us, it is our ONLY time of deliberate learning; few of us have continued to seek education programs once we graduated from the formal school system. Perhaps, however, Jesus is commanding us here to become as children in this aspect also: we MUST continue to learn. As children we learn so that we can function well as adults. Why should we as adults continue to learn? … “if you are to enter the kingdom of heaven”.

There is the bible; there are many writings of the saints and holy people; there are many written and oral words inspired by God and given to us to help us grow in holiness. There are many opportunities to continue learning. We need to take advantage of those opportunities.

Our actions show the world the type of people we are – perhaps some of your friends consider you in some ways a “good” person – but it is the attitude of our heart which will get us into heaven, not the “good” we show externally. Form your heart through continuing to learn about God. It is one of the most important things you can to with the time God has given you. Learn to know and love God. It truly is a matter of life or death: “You MUST become as little children, if you are to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Lent is a good time to start learning.

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