Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Little Rain

Into each life, a little rain must fall.

This morning in my area of Michigan we had six inches of rain in eight hours. A little?? But while I look out the kitchen window at the continuing gloom I can remember the sunny (even if hot) days, and when the garden was first sprouting new growth (even if it was hard work to till that soil), and the days of laying in the hammock (now soaked in the yard). I remember the many good, if not perfect days of this summer. And I can smile.

I glance at other blogs on the internet on occasion which may help me grow in faith; I glance at some to follow their trials, and perhaps offer some of my earned-at-great-cost wisdom; and I glance at some, especially those of Catholic moms, who show pictures of their smiling babies and their funny little pets, to lift my spirits. (I wonder if they know how many lives they make better with their silly pictures and their rambling on and on about their kids? I do so appreciate them.)

On rainy days like today, there are places I can go and things I can do to make it seem a little less cloudy --- and forget my troubles.

When you have trials and troubles, depressing days, you also should seek out thoughts and places which can make you remember happiness, make you smile at others’ blessings, and make you laugh. God is good, we so easily forget, especially on days when it rains --- or perhaps even lightning seems to strike us. All our trials are for a reason. And God loves you and is with you, especially when your life is hard.

It may be obvious, but I have to remember that if I want to stop MY pains, and stop MY sorrows, stop MY worries, first I’ve got to stop thinking about ME. I was not put on this earth to be always happy; I was not put here to see only sunshine; and I was not put here alone. There are others here who will make me happy --- if I only let them. There are others here who will praise God and thank Him for sending them a blessing --- me --- if I let myself love them first, and not me.

We often pray “Lord, what would you have me do,” seeking to know and do the will of God. But what we would like to do for Him, we must instead do for others, for He is there in each of His creations, even as He is here in us. So often when we pray, we act as if all the world were only us and God: we ask Him to do things, or ask Him to help us do things for Him, but the world is more than just us and Him. Instead of praying: “Lord, how can I help You,” our prayers should be: “Lord, how can I help them?” All my friends, neighbors, and people I don’t even know, they are the prodigal sons God spoke of; they are the travelers beaten up by the roadside; they are the little babies crying out hungry for food --- and for love. They are what we can do to please God: love His children for Him.

While I so often focus on how hard my life is, theirs is too. While I pray for God to help me, He often sends them to my aid. And while they pray that He help them, He often sends me.

If only I would stop worrying about myself and trying to ease my own pains --- and let those God has sent help. If only I would stop worrying about myself --- and help them.

Then God would be happy, very happy, even if He were looking down on me and seeing me in pain. For my pains are opportunities for Him to show how much He loves me, and for Him to give me a hug.

If I let Him.


  1. Beautiful message! Not always easy to remember, but oh so true! Thank you for the timely reminder. God bless.

  2. Thank YOU, booklady. Often it is one of your posts which are a hug to me, and sometimes just when I need it.

    (Oh, a thanks is owed to Cam, who agreed to let me "steal" the cute picture of her little girl from her website)