Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Things You Can't Ignore

While my words here are meant to strengthen my faith and yours, there are times when it is tested more than others.  And some things you can’t ignore; they demand action.  Please pray for my friend Jeanne.  I received this email from her this morning:

Just found out that the 10/2/12 injection I received WAS definitely from the tainted batch.   Please keep praying for me.


She is referring to the back pain injections which have killed a number of people around the country with meningitis.  From what I have read, people have come down with the illness and died up to 4 weeks after they received the shot. 


  1. Yes, I will be praying for Jeanne.

  2. Oh my! how unnerving that must be to wait and see if death is at the door. I'm offering an Our Father, Hail Mary and glory be right now, and will name Jeanne in our Rosary and Chaplet.

  3. Thank you so much for praying for my friend. She is a very good person, and we need every one we can get in this world.