Monday, September 23, 2013

That's The Day That Satan Wins

While driving around, doing the day’s chores, I was listening to Ave Maria Catholic Radio.  They are in the midst of a pledge drive this week, and the on-air discussion was about serious matters.
Talking about the pressures Pope Francis is facing, the commentary between Tom Lowe (station manager), Teresa Tomeo, and Dr. Ray Gurendi turned to the culture. 
“From an interview hours long, the media pulls a sentence out of context and says: ‘See!  The Catholic Church is changing its teaching on homosexuality!’  But of course it’s not.  The culture so much wants to influence the Church and Catholics, wants and even expects us to ‘change with the times,’ and why not?!”
“It has seen most other churches change their teaching on contraception, and then divorce, and then abortion, and now some are changing their teaching on homosexuality and marriage, but the Catholic Church is the steel ball in the culture’s stomach.  It just won’t dissolve; it won’t change.  And they are angry about it, and getting angrier by the day.  They don’t know, nor care, that the Church CAN’T change; the pope CAN’T make some arbitrary decision and cave to the culture.  And any attempt at explanation enrages them all the more.”
“Can’t you feel it?” 
“They’re not just prodding the Church and Catholics to change, they’re gleefully reporting any little crack, any words subject to misinterpretation.  They want to spread confusion among Catholics.  They want them to rise up and speak out against Church leaders.  And, sadly, some confused Catholics do.”
That’s where knowledge of the Catholic faith comes in.  The vast majority of conversions to the Catholic Church come about when people study the faith.  The majority of defections are by those who don’t understand what they say they believe, despite the ready availability of explanations of the truth, like the catechism.  They’re driven by feelings, not knowledge.  The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus on Truth and Reason.  It’s not a lie.  The Truth cannot be changed by vote or opinion.
And that is what Catholic media presents, truth.
My last post here was about a book presenting words said to be from Jesus today.  He says He is sad; He says the world must change.  When will that happen?  Well, listening to the discussions on Ave Maria Radio this afternoon, one would get the impression that the culture --- and Satan --- thinks it is sooooo close to getting the Church to change, so close to getting the Pope to renounce Jesus, that it is positively giddy with anticipation, and angry to the point of rage each time he says no to the temptation.
If the Catholic Church ever changed, that would be the day Satan wins.
Looking and listening and seeing what is going on, you might get caught up in the culture’s anxiety:  Will today be the day we win?  But go read that book I reviewed yesterday, or read my comments about it.  That day will not come.
Do you recall the movie, The Passion of the Christ?  It almost seems like the day of the Crucifixion is upon us again.  Then the crowd yelled: “Crucify him!  If you are God, come down from that cross!”  And today the culture yells:  Change to our truth!  Who do you think you are?!
And Jesus died on the cross --- and the heavens and earth shook.  Satan thought that with Jesus’ death he had reached the point of winning, but suddenly he realized he had lost!
Doesn’t the tension feel the same now, with the culture thinking it is close to winning?
Now is a good time to support Catholic media and its airing of the truth.  Around the world Catholics are shopping in a mall, and killed just because they are Catholic.  They are going to mass in a crowded church, and are mass murdered.  And in our country they are telling us we MUST change. 
You can make a pledge to Ave Maria radio at , and there you may also download an app to listen to its interesting and educational shows at anytime, anywhere.  If you have any questions or doubts about the Truth, the answers are there. 
If there ever should come to a time when you are asked what your faith is, and your life depends on the answer, don’t you think you should understand the Truth?    

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