Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Am I Important? A Reality Check

I am a roaring fire; everyone burns from my heat.
I am a light; others can see where I point the way.
I am but a flame; a small light; little better than the darkness.
I am a LOUD roar; people pay attention to my words.
I am a noise; At least sometimes, I startle people.
I am perhaps a whisper; and I wonder if anyone hears me.
I am an important being; I am unique like no other.
I am a presence; a notable one in the crowd.
I am a faint shadow; some look at me, but only see a reflection of themselves.
I am seen; I stand out tall, and garner attention.
I am felt; like the wind: I can be resisted, but I am there.
I am only thought about, sometimes.
I am gone; perhaps a marker remains; who was he?
I am forgotten; one of thousands of tombstones that no one visits.
Why was I here?

I am here because He loves me, and that makes me feel like the most important man that ever lived.  And I shall not be anxious.
“Charity is the essence of Christian perfection, for charity alone has the power to unite man to God, his last end.  But for us poor, miserable creatures, whom God wishes to raise to union with Himself, is charity the ultimate basis of the spiritual life?  No.  There is something deeper still which is, so to speak, the basis of charity, and that is humility.  Humility is to charity what the foundation is to a building.”
                  -- Divine Intimacy, Ch 106: Humility, by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.

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