Saturday, November 8, 2014

Daaaad! Look At This, Dad!!

Sitting at the kitchen table, I heard the voices of small children on the front porch.  I instinctively glanced at the calendar:  no, the most diehard of trick-or-treaters wouldn’t be coming here on November 8th, so I quietly walked over to the foyer and looked out the front door glass.
“Daaaad!  Look at this, Dad!”  The young voice was yelling toward the black car which sat at the curb where, undoubtedly, dad was waiting. 
Earlier this week I had seen the announcement of a Boy Scout food drive, asking that canned goods be left on the front porch for pickup on Saturday morning.  I dutifully went shopping and purchased a couple of cases of soup, which I placed on the porch earlier today.
“Dad!  There’s twenty-two cans here,” the young boy screamed in excitement.  “No, there’s twenty-four,” said his slightly older brother.  “Are you sure,” the younger one asked.  “Yes, twelve times two is twenty-four,” said the older.
“Dad!  Dad, there’s twenty-four cans here,” the young one screamed with all the enthusiasm of youth.
I watched them wrestle the cases to the car, and then raised my eyes upward and smiled.  “Look at this, Dad.”
On a rainy, dreary day with snowflakes in the air, it just got a little sunnier.   

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