Sunday, September 6, 2015

Who Will Stand With God?

If anyone would be first, he must be last of all
and servant of all.
    -- Mk 9:35
A woman is in jail in Kentucky for defending God, and her belief in His word.  In our country, the family is being systematically torn apart, and faith in God outlawed.  Children, our country and the world will suffer.  Evil is triumphing.
The pope is coming to America.  He will address our leaders.  Some wish him to speak of global warming.  I believe he, instead, should decry the evil of those who would outlaw man’s belief in God.  And he should sit down and say:  “Well, arrest me too, for I will not say or do anything against God’s law.”
And many millions would join him, including me.
Perhaps something as this would play into the hands of evil.  Perhaps President Obama would declare an emergency and suspend the upcoming elections, making himself a dictator.  Perhaps this would bring on the end of these days.
Perhaps these would be good things.
2Cor 6:4-5
Judith 8:23
And you shall be my witnesses …
to the end of the earth
-- ACTS 1:8

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