Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ode To A Gorilla

(Note of Warning:  This post was NOT written in the adoration chapel.)
It was difficult to find a radio station this morning not discussing the recent death of a gorilla.  When I arrived at Panera’s I jokingly asked the barista if coffee was free today, in memory of the gorilla who died, and the young man responded with a 5-minute explanation of all his concerns about everyone involved in the event. 
I said in response:”Thank you” --- and I checked outside to see if flags were at half mast.  I wouldn’t have been surprised.
I have not wasted any thoughts on this episode in the news, or joined the hundreds of thousands (so it’s reported) commenting on social media, but one thought did come unbidden to me:  all this hoopla clarifies something else which has puzzled me for a while:  Why are television shows and movies about zombies so popular today?  In light of the concerns about the gorilla (especially by the young who wake up wondering what sex they’ll be today), I now realize something about the zombie lovers:  The people being watched on the screens are not really brain dead, but those are watching them are! 
And yes, we really should fear that their numbers are growing.
            - - - - - - - - - -
Of course, the coffee shop punsters weighed in on this issue from a political point of view.  One of them said he heard a rumor that the gorilla had a son, and that the latest polls would put him only 10 points behind Bernie.  Now, of course, if elected he couldn’t rule from the White House, but from a cage --- where IMHO all these brain dead people belong!
(Maybe I need another cup of coffee …..)

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