Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Gift

The host is raised at the Consecration, and again I think: “Father, I thank You for this Gift, this greatest gift that You, a God, could give to me. You give me of Yourself. Thank You, my Father.”

The chalice is then raised, and I think: “Thank You, Jesus, for Your Gift, offered to the Father, for me, a sinner who is so unworthy.” And as I stare up at the cup I realize that this is the greatest Gift a man could ever have given. Not gold or frankincense or myrrh, earthly gifts, but truly a gift worthy of a God, a gift of a God to a God, for me.

Nothing of this earth could ever equal the value of This Gift, offered to God the Father. The Supreme Gift offered to the Supreme Being. No one else could deserve a Gift like this.

And then I realized, it is offered this day to me.

Oh Lord, I am not worthy, I am sooo not worthy.

My Lord, my King, my God and my all,
Who was and is and is to be,
I bow in humble adoration
At what You have done for me.

My Lord, my King, my God and my all,
Give me grace to do my part,
To lay my life down at the foot of the Cross,
And to give You all my heart.

My Lord, My King, by Ann Berger & Songs in His Presence

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