Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another Christmas Present for Jesus

I wrote that late on Monday night I had a Christmas Party for Jesus.  And that while Andrea Bocelli sang Christmas songs for Jesus, there in the adoration chapel I read the Christmas cards and letters I had received.
One of the most precious cards I received was a hand-written note from MaryEllen Jones, “the blind person” I helped see this past year, with a gift of magnification software for her computer, so she could continue to use it.  Her note told me how pleased she was to continue to be “able to use the computer which I enjoy so much.”
“I am truly blessed,” she wrote.
“May God give you the desires of your heart.  I pray you’ll have a wonderful Christmas and Great 2016!”
“Love and prayers.”
I just received a call from MaryEllen’s daughter.  MaryEllen laid down for a nap on Saturday, and never woke up --- another Christmas present for Jesus.  I don’t dwell on death, but if I had any such thoughts about MaryEllen, who was in her late 80’s, it would be that when she went home to join her Clinton (who passed this summer) it would be a peaceful death.  And so it was.  Her prayer that God give me the desires of my heart was answered. 
It was a great privilege that I was able to travel to Tennessee in 2014 and actually meet these two wonderful people.
When it comes time to pray this season, please consider thanking God for Clinton and MaryEllen Jones.  They were special people I have known.

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