Monday, December 21, 2015

Doing Great Things

I asked Fr. Paul Tarabay if I could post his homily from mass this morning.  He graciously assented:
In our today gospel Mary, by her visitation to Elizabeth, teaches us how to think immediately of the needs of someone else. Mary travels immediately to assist her Aunt during her final months. She also teaches us how to approach others to know Jesus, and to be loyal to our commitment as a disciple of her Son.
Mary by her example wants to help us to obey her Son as our savior and to take him as the ruler of our life.
We have to call on the Holy Spirit always to teach us how to follow the way of the Lord, and worship him because he is the real joy and the true happiness of our life

Fr. Paul’s words were simple, but I never noticed things that way before.  Mary gets the message from the angel; it will cause all sorts of problems in her life, and so what does Mary think to do about that?  She immediately goes to help Elizabeth, putting her own problems on hold.  That focus of Mary’s life is a great lesson to be remembered:  We are called to be followers of Jesus, and at times that seems a daunting task.  But Mary gave us an example of how to follow Him: by prioritizing the love of our neighbor.
And then we can say with Mary:  “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord …”
We proclaim His greatness in the love we have for our neighbor. 

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