Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mary's "Birth" Day

When I first arrived at church, early to say my Morning Prayers, I glanced at the altar, looking for the large poinsettia plant I donated for the Christmas decorations.  I didn’t see it amidst the plants around the altar.
But when I went up to the statue of Mary to light my small candle (as I do each Sunday), there was my plant with its large distinctive bow --- now it was Mary’s plant.  I see why it was placed there, on the pedestal at the foot of Mary’s statue.  The plant is over double the size of the other plants in church.  It made me happy that it was there by Mary, a most appropriate thing on this Feast Day of the Holy Family.
As the people flowed into the church, the first six rows of pews on Mary’s side of the church, where I sit, were empty.  But the last four rows (nearest the statue) were filled with families, and I counted over 20 children there, of all ages.  And just before mass began, a mom arrived with a tiny baby, all dressed in a little white dress, and they sat down in the row in front of the rest of us.  The baby looked back on all the other children and their parents throughout the mass, and she seemed to be smiling the whole time.  It seemed a most appropriate gathering of people, this Feast Day of the Holy Family.
Heaven is now home to all my family, and until the day I join them I’ll sit amidst this earthly family of people God puts into my life.  And in the littlest of babes, I’ll see His image --- and smile.
We celebrated Jesus’ birthday a couple of days ago.  Too often we forget to celebrate that it was Mary’s Birth day also. 
I won’t forget; I think the plant at the foot of Mary’s image reminded me of her “Birth” day.  I won’t forget.

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