Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Safe Place On College Campuses

I know I recently wrote concerning my frustration at events occurring on our college campuses.  I fear the foundations of our society are being openly undermined by professors who teach that our country’s history, our churches, and even our families are an evil invading the personal freedom of our college students --- and they must take their freedom back, “to be whoever they want to be, to pursue their own truths.” 
And, as the professors teach, anyone who disagrees with that is hateful of them, or –phobic of their ideas.
So, you can imagine that I felt more than a little surprised, recently, when I found myself agreeing with those words being so emphatically proclaimed on many a college campus today:  “We need a safe place,” one where we can go to get away from those people who obviously don’t love us or respect us, or our freedom.
And, after thinking on it, I agree with their words.
Now, I grant you that my initial reaction WAS negative to this idea.  Their cries sounded like some overly-sensitive students whining: “Mommy, somebody hurt me.”  And I reacted with sarcastic comments and laughter, and even perhaps a bit of pity. But after I thought about it some, I realized I was being judgmental AND sexist to their words.  For when I changed their cry to: “Daddy, somebody hurt me” I suddenly saw things in a new light.
It indeed IS right to want a place to go to for safety, a place where you know are loved, a place you feel safe.  This desire is deep within our very soul (regardless of what some college professors may try to teach our brains).  This desire for safety is one we were made with.  And, it is not a new feeling, nor is the place these students seek new.  That safe place has always existed, and been called a sanctuary, and for many thousands of years THE place for sanctuary was known as a church.
So:  our college kids by their own words are calling for the building of more churches on the college campuses!!  I agree!!  I’d even agree they should be built with state money.  I’d even agree that perhaps attendance at morning churches should be mandatory, and perhaps even mandatory prayers at the start of each class.
After all, we need to protect our kids ---- with God’s help.  Our kids are calling out for the building of a place of safety; but it’s already there on many campuses, or just down the block. 
Just ask mommy or Daddy about it.    
Why don’t our college professors teach them that?

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