Saturday, July 22, 2017

Repent! Means Change!

The morning sermon reminded me that the Jewish word for “repent” means “change”.  It means don’t say something, “I’m sorry,” but do something.
When a Catholic person goes to Confession, he is required to repent of his sins.  He doesn’t just recite his sins to the priest and say “I’m sorry.”  No, he must say/make an Act of Contrition.  That prayer says “I am heartily sorry for my sins” but also: I firmly resolve to change, “to amend my life.”
John the Baptist preached a Baptism of repentance, sorrow for sins and change.  Jesus came to show a Baptism of change:  He showed us how to love.  There are very few sins (if any) which are not rooted in our doing something for ourselves, self-love.  “Change,” as Jesus spoke, said: “Love others,” not yourself.  Repentance that Jesus spoke of was to change your focus, from yourself to God, to others.  It is a big change to make, one that truly takes a lifetime of effort.  And confessions.
Yesterday was Friday.  It was the day on which Jesus repented for our sins; He chose a most difficult change.  He chose to die for us.  We need to choose to die to ourselves, and our selfish actions.
It was a short sermon.  To me, it said a lot.


  1. Yes, thank you for sharing - it is a great insight that we so often choose to ignore.

  2. Cynthia and Boyd, glad you found the short words as insightful as I did. It's kind of funny, sometimes deep insights take a lot of rambling words to describe, but some of the more important things are so basic. I guess we need both, depending on the day and where we are at in our walk.

    Welcome along for the stroll with me.